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Our Mission

The team of BTS employees is committed to providing quality technical skills, state of the art low voltage systems, and professional, courteous service to their customers.


Chris Brewer, founder of Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc., started in this industry in 1994. With his previous employer, he held every position from apprentice, to lead technician, to operations manager, finally to systems design and consulting. Chris obtained his unrestricted low voltage contractors license in 1996. By September of 2003, after much thought and consideration, Chris decided it was time to venture out on his own. During his years of service in the area, working with customers on a daily basis, he identified other channels within the low voltage industry not serviced by his employer. His client’s comments revealed that they were not being serviced satisfactorily by their current service provider as well. Over the years, Chris came to the conclusion that many companies operate under the concept of “make the sale, and then get out.” He decided that customers deserve a reliable source where they can have their systems serviced on a timely basis. By October 1, 2003 “the doors were opened for business” with a commitment to provide “Modern Day Technology with Classic Old Style Service.” We began with a staff of two…Chris, and his Office Manager, aka Mom.

The vision that Chris had when starting this company was to offer full-service low voltage solutions from a company with well trained staff working as a team. Each lead team member has their own specialty in which they are fully trained; and are also cross trained in other areas of expertise as well. Since its inception, the company has grown, and that formula has proven successful. The company continues to flourish, and Mom has since retired.  As the company continues to prosper, we strive to stay abreast with the everchanging advancements in technology. We will continue to expand our knowledge base and obtain industry certifications when-ever possible. We will continue developing a team that is capable of meeting your low voltage system needs.

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