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The difference between an inconvenience and a disaster

Fire is one of the most dangerous and destructive forces on the planet. A fire alarm system from Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. can provide the early warning that can make the difference between an inconvenience and a disaster.

In most cases, the actual fire causes less damage than soot, smoke and water which is the result of the fire. Most fire deaths are not caused by burns but by smoke inhalation. Often smoke incapacitates so quickly that people are overcome and can’t make it to an exit. (National Fire Protection Association)

Team BTS sells and services Gamewell-FCI fire alarm systems ( by Honeywell; as well as servicing other major brands of fire alarm systems. The technicians at Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. participate in the NICET ( certified engineering technologist program for fire alarm systems. Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. is a member of the NFPA ( Our technicians are also factory trained and offer the experience necessary to install and service your life safety systems.

In Southern Georgia and the Coastal Empire, a fire alarm system from Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. can give you the early warning you need to safeguard the people you care about and the property in your facility.

Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. can design a fire alarm system that protects both your property and your people. Team BTS also offers alarm monitoring services as well as system maintenance programs and fire alarm certification and testing as required by law.

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