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CCTV, Video Surveillance Systems

Flexible video surveillance systems

Video surveillance, also know as CCTV(closed circuit television), is a popular security tool that Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. has been providing customers for years. And thanks to new breakthroughs in technology, security camera systems are more affordable and effective than ever before. With the advent of video over IP cameras, and High Definition Megapixel Cameras, as well as Digital Video Recorders, the quality and flexibility of video surveillance systems have certainly made them a necessity rather than a convenience in your security strategy. If you own a business, you simply must have some level of video surveillance.


In Southeast Georgia and the Coastal Empire, a video surveillance system from Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. is an ideal tool for your security strategy for applications such as:

  • Retail operations

  • School Campus

  • Warehouses

  • Entry areas

  • Blind spots

  • Community Pools

  • Community Recreational Areas

  • Special access areas

  • Unattended property

  • Gated entries

For added levels of security, consider integrating the video surveillance system with your card access system and/or commercial security system. This will allow you to tie events with video clips for future reference. The professionals at Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. can assist you with the proper video surveillance system to meet your needs.

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