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Home Automation Systems, Home Energy Management Systems

Modern home automation solutions

Make your home more functional with home automation and home energy management solutions from Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. Our quality products are highly reliable and rich in features usually found only in high-end systems including options for security, thermostat control, sprinklers and other automation products.

  • Imagine coming home to a safe home with lights already on.

  • Imagine leaving your home for vacation and not having to worry about lights left on and lights automatically coming on/off as if you were still there.

  • Imagine lying in bed and hearing a noise, having the ability to turn lights on in your home, except for your master bedroom lights.

  • Imagine using one button to turn certain lights on/off for an event.

  • Imagine increasing your light bulb life with our preset dimming capability.

  • Imagine saving energy and reducing your utility usage with our preset dimming capability.

  • Imagine monitoring lights that are on/off in your children’s environment.


Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. has home automation and home energy management solutions for your Southeast Georgia home.

  • Home Control or Alarm Panel Integration

  • Environmental Controls for your HVAC system

  • Vacation Mode

  • Alert Mode

  • Timed Events

  • Astronomical Clock

  • Fan Speed Control

  • Low-Voltage Control – used to control motorized blinds, shades, drapes, pumps, motors, etc.

  • High-Voltage Control – used to control non-dimmable 120V loads, such as pumps, CFL, Fluorescents, etc…

  • Key Fob Remote

  • Table Top Control

  • Car Visor Remote

  • Remote Control via your Smart Phone/Tablet Device

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