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Security Room

Commercial Security

Protection for your business

In Southeast Georgia, commercial security systems from Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. are now becoming a standard as business owners need to protect their employees and the property in their office.

A commercial security system normally includes some type of connection to a monitoring company that constantly monitors the status of your commercial security system. That connectivity could be either via telephone line, GSM cellular technology or thru the Internet. When a commercial security system alarm sounds, the monitoring company will contact the place of business, local law enforcement and your list of key holders to send first responders to the scene. The professionals at Team BTS can integrate your commercial security system with a card access control system and/or CCTV, video surveillance system to provide maximum coverage of your facility. Team BTS also offers the ability to remotely control your security system via your smart phone.

Some people talk with friends, neighbors or other business owners about their commercial security systems to get opinions about services. The best advice though can come from a professional who has years of experience with commercial security systems applications. Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. can provide the information you need to make the right decision when purchasing a commercial security system for your facility.

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