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Commercial Security Services

In Southeast Georgia, commercial security systems from Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. are now becoming a standard as business owners need to protect their employees and the property in their office. A commercial security system normally includes some type of connection to a monitoring company that constantly monitors the status of your commercial security system.

Residential Security Services

In Southeast Georgia, residential security systems from Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. are now becoming a standard as both renters and homeowners need to protect their family and the property in their dwellings.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire is one of the most dangerous and destructive forces on the planet. A fire alarm system from Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. can provide the early warning that can make the difference between an inconvenience and a disaster.

Card Access Control System

Controlling access to your facility is critical to the safety of your employees (or students) as well as the protection of your assets. Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. offers access management solutions and card access control systems for all small and medium-sized business as well as large campuses and multiple sites.

Gated Entry Systems, Access Control Systems

Whether you need access control for a small office building, warehouse, storage facility, a multi-gated residential community, or a sprawling corporate or educational campus, Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. has the entry gate and access control system to fit your needs and your budget.

CCTV, Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance, also know as CCTV(closed circuit television), is a popular security tool that Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. has been providing customers for years. And thanks to new breakthroughs in technology, security camera systems are more affordable and effective than ever before.

Business Telephone Systems

No matter what your industry is – construction, real estate, healthcare, manufacturing or Information Technology – you’ll love the big-business features that a business telephone system from Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc. can provide.

Home Theater, Media Room, HDTV, Surround Sound Systems

Home theaters systems are no longer considered an extravagance for the wealthy. Thanks to more affordable technology, many families are enjoying a movie theater experience while relaxing in the comfort, safety and security of their home .

Home Automation Systems

Brewer Technology Solutions, Inc's. high quality products are reliable and rich in features usually found only in high-end systems including options for security, thermostat control, sprinklers and other automation products.


Brewer Technology Solutions knows that everyone's needs are different, and knows that cookie cutter molds simply don't work. So we put our experience to work for you, and will create a tailor fit system for you specific needs.

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